Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Any Roofing Contractor

Your roof is one of the most expensive and valuable components to your home’s foundation and exterior. Replacing your roof can be one of the most daunting tasks of homeownership, as it is can be an expensive home improvement project. As such, you want to ensure that you are doing your proper due-diligence before allowing just ‘any’ Baltimore roofing contractor walk on your roof, or make repairs or re-roof your home.

Hiring a roofing contractor without proper research, and going on just price can be a costly mistake in the long-term. When you have suffered storm damage to your roof, and particularly if your roof is leaking, you want to have peace of mind that you are in good hands with a professional roofer that understands your concerns and situation, and will make the replacement process as stress-free as possible. A true professional will offer you quality craftsmanship, labor and materials to build a roof that will stand strong for years. A fly by night contractor could offer slip-shod craftsmanship, where your roof leaks in only a matter of years – or worse – they could disappear with your money.

Installing a roofing system properly takes expertise and know-how. It is important to put your trust in a roofer that can back-up their work, and a reputation that shows their commitment to quality work and communication. In this article, we will outline some of the most important questions that you should ask before hiring any Baltimore roofer!

References, References, References

A professional roofing company that has serviced the Baltimore metropolitan area for any significant amount of time will have accrued references and testimonials from previous happy customers. Your roofing contractor should be able to provide you with a list of references, and many of which should be local to you as well (in your neighborhood or city). The more recent the references are, the better as it provides an indicator of how their recent work is. A mix of new and old references are important as older references provide insight into how well the roofer’s work has held up over the years, while a recent reference will showcase their current craftsmanship and work.

Inquire about Credentials

While researching your potential roofing contractor to work on your Baltimore home, you should ask to see information about their credentials, and any paperwork. Credentials can be issued by the state, or specifically from the manufacturers that the roofing company uses. Credentials and certifications may indicate the prestige or recognition that the roofing company has within the industry. For instance, a GAF Master Elite or Owens Corning Preferred certification from the manufacturer is a reflection of the contractor’s top-work. Certain credentials are more exclusive than others, and it is a good idea to ask your contractor what certifications that they may have.

Research Their Reviews

While references are important, you should also conduct a comprehensive Google search to review your roofing company’s online reputation. Do they have 5-star Google reviews? Do they have top reviews on third party platforms like Home Advisor or Porch? Does the contractor have top reviews with the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Angie’s List, and on Facebook?

Reviews provide great insight into the experience of others. If it is an older and established roofing company, do they have 100’s of reviews? Or, does the roofing company only have a handful of reviews? If the company only has a handful of reviews, you should question why that is. Are customers not happy with their work? Are they new and you will be one of their first customers? A lot can be gleaned from their online reviews.

It is important to also read the reviews with a grain of salt. A few negative reviews can sometimes be for minor issues, and in running a construction company, minor things can come up dealing with 100′ of customers. However, it is important to see how the roofing contractor addresses those reviews, and if they have responded in an attempt to rectify that dissatisfied customer’s experience. Similarly, 5-star reviews are important to see. Read the general consensus from other homeowner’s on the roofer’s work.

Ask About Their Background

Before hiring any roofing contractor to work on your home, get to know the rep better and learn more about the company’s history and background. A roof replacement is not an inexpensive project. You should feel comfortable with the rep/tech and that the company has a deep rooted background in roofing and has experience working on both minor and complex roofing systems.

Request a Detailed Estimate

Price is of course a large consideration for any homeowner when having your roof replaced. While you should be price conscious, you should look for a contractor who is priced in the middle. The cheapest estimates can be a reflection in the quality of the materials and labor that they are offering. They may also not be shrewd business-people, and could potentially go out of business, resulting in the inability to honor their warranty. The highest priced estimates you get may just be a reflection of higher overhead, and not better material.


With a detailed estimate, you can compare these line by line items. While there are intangibles that can separate some roofing companies from others, such as their overall reputation or customer service they offer, you can compare specific material and proposals that they are offering. For instance, is one contractor including 3-tab shingles while another is providing architectural? Is one contractor offering a 30-year warranty while another is offering a lifetime warranty? A detailed estimate will show exactly the scope of work that the contractor is proposing, and should account for all contingencies to prevent any mysterious charges or hidden fees (i.e. if wooden decking has to be replaced).

Ask About The Turn Around Time For Your Project

It is extremely important to speak with your roofing contractor about any time requirements or time considerations that you have. If you’re tight on time because of a real estate transaction, such as closing on a home, it is important to have the time frame for your roof replacement job outlined in the contract. A professional roofing company will explain their schedule, and if they can reasonably work around your requirements without stringing you along.

All roofing contractors have different schedules and backlogs of work. If your potential roofer is booked up for 4-6 weeks, it is important to discuss that with your contractor to avoid any misunderstandings. When severe weather hits, a roofing company may be booked up for a month, or even 8 or more weeks! If your roof is in desperate need of replacement, you may need them to adjust their schedule to prioritize your emergency roof replacement!

Additionally, you should discuss with your roofer how inclement weather can impact the scheduled date of your new roof. A professional roofing company will monitor the weather daily to ensure that rain or snow is not in the forecast. If Mother Nature is not cooperating, they should have a contingency plan in place for you to reschedule to another time.

A Baltimore Roofing Company You Can Trust

In this article, we hope that we were able to provide an outline of important questions to ask your roofer before hiring anyone. We hope that this ha provided value to you. We take our customer’s satisfaction extremely serious, and these are some of the main points of discussion that we have seen over the years. If you have a leaky, aging or storm damaged roof, we can provide you with a free no-obligation roofing inspection and estimate. We take pride in offering the Baltimore community the best roofing materials and craftsmanship and customer service in the entire metro area. Simply call one of our staff and we are happy to answer any roofing questions that you may have. Get started by filling out a form on our website or by calling us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Having Your Roof Replaced

One fact of reality of owning a home is that there will always be maintenance and up-keep required. This is especially true when it comes to the exterior of your home, including your roof. Your roof is one of the most important investments you will make in your home, so you want a quality roof that will last for years with quality materials and craftsmanship. While you want to maximize the lifespan you get from your roof, at some point you will likely need to have it replaced.

A new roof is not an insignificant cost. Many homeowners frequently ask “can we patch it up one more time” or inquire about patch-up repairs in order to buy extra time on the roof. Sometimes this is possible, but it often is just pushing off what is really required, and could lead to more costly repairs if the roof caves or suffers catastrophic roof failure.

What is the cost to replace my roof?

The most frequently asked question when it comes to having a roof replaced is in regard to the price and cost. And understandably so, a roof is a sizable investment, and many homeowners want to know what they will need to budget for their home improvement project.

Prior to measuring and inspecting your roof, this is not an easy answer without having those specifications available. Every home is different. Naturally, a 10,000 square foot church with a metal roof is going to have a more expensive roof replacement than a 2,500 square foot single family home with asphalt shingles.

There are several factors in determining the cost of a roof replacement. The most significant is the square footage and size of the roof being replaced. In the example above, a 10,000 square foot roof replacement will cost more than a 2,500 square foot replacement. The pitch of the roof is an important consideration, as is the accessibility to the roof. Will there be a tear off of the previous roof? Will the decking need to be replaced? What kind of underlayment?

Additionally, as important as the size of the roof is to the cost, the material being installed is just as significant. Asphalt shingles will tend to be the most inexpensive. A metal roof can offer longer warranties and lifespan, but can be 2-3x the cost of a shingle roof. A slate or tile roof are also more expensive than shingles.

This is why it is not possible to give an estimate without knowing the measurements of the roof, and the material wanting to be installed.

How do I know if my roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced?

Aside from the question of “cost”, the other most common question asked is whether a roof’s life can be extended with roof repairs, or if the roof truly needs to be replaced.

To answer this question, we need to know about the roof, and a visual inspection is key. Age is one of the most important factors when it comes to repair vs replacement. The older a roof is, the more brittle the shingles become, and the more difficult it is to repair and guarantee that the repair will hold up.

A roof that is 5 year old should not be leaking, assuming it is installed correctly. A 17 or 25 year old roof may be at the end of its life, and not be possible to safely repair.

If your roof is leaking, a roofing professional can inspect why that is happening. Do you have a few missing shingles? Do you have leaks around your flashing? A professional will pinpoint and identify where the leak-spots are, and whether it can be rectified with repairs. When there are structural problems, sagging or other potentials for a roof to cave in, a roof replacement will be required.

During our inspection, a technician can also look for any signs of storm damage, curling or broken shingles, or hail damage. This is the best way to fully ascertain whether repair or replacement is needed.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover having your roof replaced?

Another question that we frequently hear from homeowners (and building owners as well) is whether their homeowner’s insurance can cover the costs of having their roof replaced. The answer to this one, is it depends. Your homeowner’s insurance can most certainly cover the cost of having your roof replaced, but it is dependent on the damage to your roof, whether it was an “Act of God”, and so forth.

You can contact your insurance carrier directly to ask them if it is a claim that they will cover, and information about your policy details. Your insurance carrier may send out an adjuster to your property to inspect your roof.

In Baltimore, we are not immune from powerful storms annually. From hail storms, to wind storms, to snow storms, hurricanes and ice dams, there are no shortages of inclement weather! If a powerful wind storm blows off shingles from your roof, or hail impacts your roof, siding and gutters, you may be eligible for replacement through your homeowner’s insurance. Your carrier can provide you specific about your policy.

However, you can also contact us if you would like an unbiased, professional storm damage roofing inspection to give you our thoughts as well. We can provide a comprehensive inspection to help you look for missing, broken and damaged shingles, and other signs and hail and wind damage.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

This also depends on the size of your roof, as well as the material being installed. The more difficult it is to access and reach a roof, the more challenging it is to replace – creating a longer completion time. Another factor is Mother Nature, with wind, snow, and rain in the forecast, it can cause delays and force the job to be pushed back until the weather cooperates. One of the reasons you should hire a professional Baltimore roofer is in their project management and build forecasting. A well-managed company will ensure that your roof is scheduled to be built on a clear day to avoid potential issues from exposing your home to rain during the install.

With all of that being said, in most cases, a shingle roof can be installed on a single family home in as little as one day! While there are always exceptions to the rule, if the crew starts early, a shingle roof can be fully installed by the time you get home from work or before dinner that evening! Your roofing contractor can discuss this with you to set realistic expectations before the install process begins.

The Best Towson Roof Replacement Company

If you are a homeowner in the Towson, or Baltimore area, and are looking for a reliable roofing contractor that you can trust to replace your roof, then look no further! We take pride in offering the best materials in the market, with impeccable craftsmanship at extremely competitive prices! Our reputation and reviews reflects our commitment to our happy customers and our rating in the community. Give us a call today to schedule a free roofing estimate for your roof replacement project, or visit us at for more information!

Improving The Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Is your home’s energy bill constantly going up, or simply higher than you would like? It is important to insulate your home, and improve its energy efficiency so that you can retain more heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer.

Your home is a thermal envelope. Anything that is underneath your roof, and located inside your walls and windows is inside the envelope. In order to keep more cool air in your home during the summer, you want to have a properly insulated home and strong thermal envelope. The less air that escapes in the winter or summer, means the less your home will need your A/C unit to work overtime.

In this article, we are going to review some of the ways that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home:

Replacing Single-Pane Windows

One of the most problematic spots for most homes that suffer from warm/cold air escaping from their home is from poorly insulated windows. If you have an old home, you likely have outdated windows that are not equipped with modern energy efficiency technology. Dual-pane windows offer better insulation features. If your windows have cracked panes or don’t fit properly, then they need to be replaced as they are a source of air escaping your home. Old windows are one of the most notorious spots for heat escaping from your home during winter.

As a way to save on your energy & electric bill, you can hang up blinds in front of your windows to help mitigate heat-loss. Additionally, by allowing sunlight to enter your home during the day, you can allow the sun to light up your house with natural light!

Fully Sealed Doors

Similar to windows, doors are also a notoriously problematic spot for allowing warm/cold air to escape and enter your home if not properly sealed. Check to see if your doors are fully shut, or if you can feel a draft entering your home. Just like there is new technology with windows that wasn’t available 10 and 20 years ago, there are also many new styles and types of doors today on the market. These new doors offer more energy efficient options that can help keep your home warm in the winter months without letting warm air escape! If your front door has a mail slot, that is another spot that could be allowing outside air into your home.

Examine Attic Insulation

Have you ever checked on the insulation in your attic and crawlspace to see what condition it is in? Does your home get overly hot on your top floor in the summer? Does your home not feel like it transfers cool and hot air properly? Check to see if your insulation is thinning. If your insulation is not properly installed, it could also allow for ice dams to formulate in the winter months. This is when cool air from the outside clashes with the warm air escaping from your roof, forming ice dams!

Replacing An Old Roof

A leaky, old, or damaged roof can also minimize your home’s energy efficiency. Cracked and missing shingles can provide an access way for not only water into your home, but air to escape as well. You want to ensure that your flashing is properly installed, and all shingles are adhered. If energy efficiency is a priority for you, a metal roof may be worth considering. New insulation & a metal roof could create an almost ‘air tight’ system for your home.

Minimize Electrical Use

The easiest way to lower your energy bill is by turning off lights when not in use, and unplugging unused appliances.

Energy Efficient Baltimore Exterior Contractors

If you are looking for a Baltimore exterior contractor to help you replace drafty or old windows, doors, or even your roof, then give us a call today! We can help install energy-efficient products by top manufacturers in the industry. We take pride in our top reviews, and customer satisfaction. The majority of our work comes from previous customers referring us to friends and family! If you would like to request a free inspection or consultation with a contractor that treats each customer like family, then give us a call today! You can also view our website for more information!

7 Benefits of a Metal Roof

Thinking about having a metal roof installed onto your home? The first important step is conducting your research to see if a metal roof is the right option for you. Living in Baltimore, we are no strangers to extreme weather & heat, which is why so many homeowners in the greater Baltimore-metro area are turning to metal roofs for their home.

In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of a metal roof!

Fire Resistance

Metal is fire-resistant, considered Class A fire resistant. This is an important consideration for many homeowners knowing that their roof can help minimize a fire, particularly if struck by lightning it will not ignite.

Durability To Mother Nature

In Baltimore, we are not immune to annual hail, wind, snow and ice storms. Our roof are the front line of defense to the elements for our home. Metal is extremely durable to hail, and other severe weather – which is a reason many insurance carriers offer discounts for certain metal roofs. Metal roofs also do not bake in the sun like asphalt shingles do.

Long Lifespan

A major selling point for most homeowner’s considering a metal roof is the durability and long life-cycle that it offers. An asphalt shingle roof may last 15-25 years (depending on maintenance, weather or major storms and upkeep). A metal roof can last up to 50 years. That means that a metal roof can last 2-3x as long as an asphalt shingle roof. A shingle roof is a less expensive option in the short-term, but the longer lifespan by the metal roof makes it a more cost-effective option for the long-term.

A metal roof offers one of the longest life-cycles of any roofing material.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs can be completely recycled. This is unlike asphalt shingles which are disposed of in landfills ever year. Metal is more eco-friendly.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Metal roofs are proven to add resale value to a home because of their long lifespan, durability, and the next homeowner not needing to immediately replace the existing roof.

Saving on Utility Bills

Since metal roofs are excellent insulators, you can save money on your utility bills with less heat and cool air escaping during the summer months.

Color Options

Contrary to common belief, metal roof actually have numerous colors to choose from, as well as a wide variety of styles. Metal roof no longer just come in one color or style. You can customize a metal roof to fit the look and feel of your home!

Call The Best Baltimore Metal Roofing Contractor

Give us a call today if you’re looking to speak with a local Baltimore roofing contractor that specialize in metal roofing. We can discuss with you if your home is a good fit for metal, and help you explore options, colors and styles. We also offer metal roof repair and replacement service. For more information, visit our website, or call us today to set up a free consultation or inspection!

Baltimore Emergency Roof Repair – What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Homeownership can bring about a lot of joy owning your first home, but it also brings a lot of responsibility along with it. Owning your own home isn’t always easy when it comes to maintenance and repairs – things that you may not think of initially. Small repairs will naturally come with being a homeowner, but it is important to keep your calm and poise when emergencies do strike. In this article, we want to discuss what to do and look for when you have an emergency roofing problem.

Importance of Prompt Action

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” resonates extremely loudly when it comes to roofing. It is important to maintain, and keep-up with your roof periodically ever year before a preventable emergency occurs. For instance, you should routinely be checking after any major hail or windstorm to ensure that your shingles have not been damaged or blown off. However, when an emergency does occur to your roof, it is important to act swiftly.

A leaking roof is more than an inconvenience. A leaking roof can significantly damage your interior. Not only your personal belongings, but it can cause water damage and mold damage to your home. If repairs are not made quickly, water can even cause structural damage to your home. Your roof is designed to shed water away from your home, as water entering your home can cause many complications.

What Are The Dangers of Delaying?

Delaying to have emergency roofing repairs can cause even more costly long-term repairs. If you have shingles blown off of your roof, or a leak pot, water may be freely entering into your home. The wood decking underneath your shingles can begin to warp or rot away as they become soaked by the rain. This leaking water can also damage your home’s insulation, requiring the need to fully replace insulation. Insulation can stay damp for a long time, and becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold to develop. This can cause mold to develop throughout your entire home and ventilation system. As this water drips from your attic, it can begin to damage drywall, stain ceilings, and ruin your carpets.

The faster emergency repairs are able to be made, the quicker you can identify and solve the problem source, and prevent costlier future damage.

What Causes Emergencies For Roof Repairs?

An emergency roof repair is never pre-meditated. However, there are several reasons that you may find yourself in a position where you have an emergency and need a professional, licensed Baltimore roofer to help with an emergency roof repair.

Wind Damage or Thunderstorm

One of the most likely reasons for a leaky or damaged roof is from wind damage during a powerful thunderstorm or tornado. What happens is a powerful, gusting wind can lift a single directly off of your roof – allowing rain to work its way in without a barrier. Wind can also weaken the seals around neighboring shingles, lifting entire sections of your roof.

Over Hanging Trees, Branches & Debris

Do you have numerous tree surrounding your home? They may be pretty, and offer privacy, but they can also be extremely dangerous for your roof. For one, tree limbs can constantly brush up and scrape against your roof. Trees can also cause debris build-up on your roof and gutter systems. However, the most immediate problem can be a falling tree branch or limb that punctures through your roofing system. This type of emergency requires immediate roof repair if the branch has caused a hole through your roof – allowing rain to directly seep in to your home.

Old Roof

An older roof is more prone and susceptible to storm damage with aging and brittle shingles. An aging roof may have suffered old storm damage previously, and after years of facing the powerful UV rays from the Maryland sun, your shingles can be seriously weakened. These types of roofs are at a higher risk of storm damage and should be closely monitored.

What To Do If Your Roof Is Damaged?

If your roof is damaged by a storm, and you are in need of an emergency roofer in Baltimore, give us a call for immediate assistance! We offer next day roofing inspections, but for emergency repairs, call our office immediately to see if we can have a technician come to your home or property the same day. We specialize in all types of roofs, from asphalt shingles to metal roofs, slate, tile and flat roofs. For more information, visit our website

Don’t Forget About Fall Roof Maintenance!

With spring and summer now past us, it’s not too late to focus on your home before winter hits the Baltimore metro area! If you’ve lived in Maryland for any length of time, you know that our winters can not only be cold and frigid, but bring about significant inclement weather (mounds of snow and ice). It is important that your home, and particularly your roof, is prepared for the winter. To do this, you can prep your roof for winter with routine roofing maintenance in the fall. In this article, we will provide some tips to ensure that your roof is in the best shape and prepared for winter!

Removing Debris & Leaves From Gutters

One of the most common causes of leaks is overflowing and clogged gutters and downspouts. It is important for the health of your home to ensure your gutters are debris free. The risk of clogged gutters can result in water pouring into your home through your siding and fascia. This is also where ice dams can form over the edge of your roof where your gutter holds onto moisture. Removing an ice dam can be much more expensive than ensuring your gutters are clear (this can also be implemented by having a leaf or gutter guard installed on to your home).

Clean Your Roof From Tree Debris

Is your roof surrounded by trees? As beautiful as nature is, it can wreak havoc onto your roof! With the changing of seasons, trees can start dropping their leaves and branches all over your roof. This debris can clog up your gutter system, as well as damage your roof. Falling twigs and branches can penetrate through your shingle and decking causing leaks to develop. Ensure your roof is cleared prior to winter coming!

Shingle Health

The health of your shingles is critical to your home’s roofing system. Shingles are not designed to last forever. Over time as they age and are exposed to Mother Nature, asphalt shingles will begin to crack, wrap, lift off, or even get blown off by wind storms. Your shingles may even suffer granular loss if you have a hail storm impact your area, and home. It is extremely important to take care of this prior to winter snow storms. This can lead to expensive repairs, and interior water damage. Damaged shingles can expose your roof decking, requiring not only your shingles to be replaced, but your rotted wood decking as well.

Roof Tune-Up

Not every roof needs to be replaced. We provide roof tuneup services. Prior to winter, you can have your roof tuneup which includes tightening loose shingles, replacing blown off shingles, repairs of nail pops, caulking and sealing vents and flashing, patching broken seams and repairing pipe gaskets. This also include gutter tune-up and cleaning.

Moreover, a tune-up will also include a full roof inspection to check for any signs of wind, hail or storm damage. If you have storm damage, you may qualify for a full roof replacement through your insurance.

Call The Best Baltimore Roof Repair Company

If your roof is leaking, missing shingles, or you have clogged gutters, give us a call today! It is not too late to care for your roof, and to have a fall roof tune-up! Waiting for winter to arrive with a compromised roof can lead to expensive repairs and interior water damage! We provide roof repair across the Baltimore metropolitan area! We work on all types of roofs including asphalt shingles, metal, flat and slate roofs! Call us today at (410) 267-4284 or visit us at for more information!

Most Common Problems That Impact Metal Roofs

While asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in the United States at large, metal roofs have continued to increase in popularity. For numerous reasons, from their longevity, durability and energy efficiency. Metal roofs are increasing in usage across the state of Maryland. However, just like with any roofing product there pros and cons.

In many instances you may never experience any issues with your metal roof. But, there are some things to look out for that can happen outside of your control. You should know what to look for as you care for and maintain your metal roof – and when it is time to bring in a professional and experienced roofing contractor with metal roofs.

Oil Canning

When the metal is over-stressed on a roof, you may notice visible waves forming in the flat portions of your metal roof. This can happen when the metal was properly handled, if there is stress from coil slitting, over production, or there simply isn’t enough space for thermal expansion of the metal. It is important to watch for this.


Just like any roofing material, metal isn’t immune to leaks. The point of any roof is to shed water away from your home or building. So, a leaky roof is counter-productive, and is not doing its job of keeping your home or business dry. It is important to have a leaky metal roof evaluated as soon as possible to prevent small leaks from worsening into more costly repairs.

Leaks that start small can be exacerbated over time, causing water damage and mold damage in your home. Sometimes metal roofs can leak because of hail damage, ice damming, structural damage to your roof, gusting winds or driving rain, or accumulation of heavy snow on your roof.

Leaks may not necessarily be from storm damage. It can also occur from improper roof installation, such as if flashing was done incorrectly, seams are open, sealant or fastener issues. A quality Baltimore roofing contractor will ensure that everything is installed properly from the get-go.


When the metal roof is being installed, it is important that your roofing contractor takes care to avoid scuffing the material. Metal has paint applied, so if it is not treated gently, it could be scratched during the installation process causing damage.

Call The Best Local Baltimore Metal Roofing Company

A metal roof is a great roofing system. However, it is only as reliable as the contractor who puts it on. Metal roofs offer great advantages compared to other roofing systems such as durability and strength. We provide metal roofing services across the Baltimore metropolitan area, offering both metal roof repair and replacement services. If you would like a metal roofing professional to inspect your roof for any possible storm damage, or simply would like to discuss changing your shingle roof to a metal roof, we are happy to help! For more information you can browse our website or call us at (410) 267-4284